One Man’s Trash is Another’s WHIF

Quite probably one of the worst kits I have ever owned is the Heller-Airfix 1/72 Bf-109G. This hunk of scrap wasn’t even a very good kit back in the day when it was made, let alone 50+ years later. However, the fact it’s so cruddy also makes it very, very useful. For what? Yes, maybe you’re right, thinking of BB Gun practice, or fireworks holder or even Godzilla food.  However, there’s something even more useful about this nearly unpolishable bit of plastic excrement.

Since it’s so bad, there’s nothing wrong with completely butchering it! When the need for Whiffing strikes, and you’re not sure that you can do what you think you want to, having a cruddy source kit to work with means you’re in a zero-loss condition. Such it was when I decided, some time ago, that I wanted to do a Yak-15-like jet conversion on the Bf-109. I wasn’t about to scrap a nice Academy; they cost like $12!! However, the insufferably bad, but super-cheap ($5) Heller looked perfect.

Check out the outcome of my Frankenstein-like melding of ancient Frog and Heller/Airfix. The Me-709 might not have existed in real life, but it’s certainly real enough now on the Planes page, in the What-if section!


  1. What an outstanding use for a lousy kit! That was fun.

    1. Thanks Dave!

      It’s really the only use for it!

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