A Fossil of a Fossil

Most modellers enjoy history and research as part of the hobby. Finding out all about the thing you just got a cool new kit of always makes it even more fun, I’ve found, and as a result most modellers are also amateur historians. However, you can also delve into the history of not only the subject of your newest kit, but also the kit itself. This is particularly true if you manage to find a kit that’s a bit weirder, more esoteric, or older. Of course, if you find a kit that’s all three, then you’re off to the races!

A perfect example of this happened when I got the 1/24 Hawk (nee Kaysun) 1909 Hupmobile kit in a 4lb box of stuff from my awesome buddy Alan! This kit’s moulding is originally from the mid ’50s, and so we’re talking about a kit that’s old enough to start collecting a pension! Not only that, but the subject is now over a CENTURY old! Talk about lots to look up and learn about!

Check out this truly historic kit on the Out of Box page, and get ready to push the Wayback Machine into overdrive!



  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    Indeed modellers later become amateur historians…and vice versa.

    1. It really does seem unavoidable. I like it that way!

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