Britain’s Pre-War Six Machine!

If you want to sell me a Gundam, give it a beam shield or an over-the-shoulder cannon. If you want to sell me a plane, make it fat, slow and useless. But, if you want to sell me a ground vehicle, give it six wheels. I’m a sucker for six-wheelers. As it turns out, so was pre-war Britain, where the Morris Commercial D/CD truck was used as a staff/command car.

In the times before WWII, Dinky Toys released a replica of this as the Six-Wheeled Reconnaissance Car. While the real thing wasn’t for recon, Dinky didn’t seem to care, and after the end of the War, as production ramped back up, Dink once again offered this awesome replica for a few years. It’s about the only way to get a replica of this interesting and largely forgotten vehicle, and you can see it on the Military Dinky Toys page.

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