Back For Another Taste

While retro modelling might be a big thing for cars and airplanes, it wasn’t anything that had really seemed to catch on with Mobile Suits; until recently that is! A couple of years ago, Bandai rereleased all their early-90s catalogue of F-90 and SF-91 Gundam kits. These models may be old, but they’ve stood up well, and I was excited to get my hands on a whole bunch of them, many of which I built about 20 years ago, before I really had the tools and techniques to do them justice.

My favourite was always the 1/100 F-90Y Cluster Gundam, which was also the first of this series I built way back in the day. Thus, I thought it would be appropriate to start my new wave of these kits with the Cluster as well! Check out this Bandai Classic on the Sci-Fi Page!

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