New-ish Monkee Business

Blasting up the charts and into the collective conscience of millions comes that Fabulous Foursome from the late 80s, that radical bunch of wacky co-habitators, that musical juggernaut… the New Monkees!

Wait… whaddaya mean you “Never heard of them?” C’mon, that can’t be so. I mean, they’re Monkees, but they’re “New”, or they were in 1987, anyway. You must need a second to think back. Still nothing, eh? Fair enough; I’m striking out on this one too.

Sadly, while this late ’80s made-for-TV boy band may not be known to every(any)one, that’s not what was intended. Monogram even tried to cash in on the hype by issuing a specially prepared version of their 1987 Mustang GT Convertible, a custom-painted street machine complete with… some weird paint and tiny “New Monkees” door decals.

Whether you know the band or not, you can still check out their ride on the Out of Box page; just keep your wacky hijinks in check.


  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    I bought and built one of these back when they were a current kit. I didn’t bother with the Monkees version, just a straight up blue over silver version. If memory serves, there were only three combinations at this time, white, red, and blue – all over silver cladding. I still run across parts from it occasionally in my stash.

    1. Hey man!

      I’m thinking I’m going to do a blue-silver on my ’92, but I may just do a “marbleized” over Silver (or maybe leave it all marbleized) on this one. I’ll still paint the trim and everything like it’s a real car, but it might be neat to see a glossy marbleized one!

      1. Randall CArlisle · ·

        HA! You may be only person EVER to build it marbleized. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one built like that.

        BTW, I bought a REAL truck to tinker with. 1981 Ford F150. It’s from the loser era we love so much. And probably was pretty horrid originally from a driving fun perspective. But it has a new engine and a 5spd stick installed. First gear is probably really nice burn out gear. I’m just not like that on my stuff. But I’m fixing on it. It’s pretty stout. And looks reasonably ok to be 40 years old.

      2. Yeah, I’m sure most people are eager to get that swirly plastic out of their line of sight!

        NICE! That sounds like an awesome ride! Gotta keep the Automotive Dark Ages alive. Good job, and congrats on that, man!

      3. Randall CArlisle · ·

        Wish it were more like yours but then I couldn’t haul mulch, furniture, and junk. BUt trying to get it so it looks good enough to take wife to the Tastee Freez. : )

      4. That’s true… about all Faust can haul is a 2-4 or some models. Both are worthwhile, but not very heavy duty!

        Besides, having fun with it and getting to show off something old is the point! I’m looking forward to getting mine out… but we’re not legally allowed to go anywhere…

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