Train Like you Kill Airliners

Despite not being the most advanced piece of kit in the Soviet Air Forces during its time in service, the Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon was still used in good numbers and for a long time. It was considered importante enough by the USSR that it was kept largely in the shadows, only emerging on those few occasions it ended up shooting down airliners or entering NATO airspace “by accident”.

It was a fast, complex airplane, and it needed dedicated type-conversion trainers to make sure that pilots could handle it. To this end, the two-seat Su-15UM “Flagon G” was the ultimate version of the SU-15 family. This variant was produced late, and isn’t widely known. However, it was one of the many variants kitted by Turkey’s Pioneer2 concern. Having hacked my way through this beast, the 1/72 Su-15UM “Flagon G” is now done. Check it out on the Planes page; this is not one for the faint of heart!

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