A Somewhat Spiffier Bunny

Trying to make something exciting out of the everyday can be difficult. Let’s face it, plain white bread is okay, but it’s not the kind of thing you really pine for on a daily basis. That same kind of responsible utility typified cars of the Automotive Dark Ages, driven partly by the rise of the small, two-box hatchback. In fact, it was the “white bread” blandness of these early econobeaters that has permanently scarred North American motorists and caused them to largely eschew the body style for the last 40 years, despite its advantages!

However, in the early ’70s VW realized it needed something a little bit sexier to fill out the Rabbit/Golf family tree, something for more enthusiastic drivers for whom style and flair still had carried some weight , definitley more than for the average motorist. The answer was the Scriocco. Oddly, the only company to kit one outside of Japan was AMT! While it was reissued a few years ago, you can heck out this original AMT 1/25 1976 Scirocco. It’s on the Out of Box page. This is as wild as VW got until the Golf GTi came along!

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