And Now, a Word from our Elders…

There’s a reason we were always taught to respect our elders; they generally know what’s going on, and everything we think might be some new revelation is quite often just the newest form of something they’ve already done. Whether that’s a life lesson or a automotive design philosophy, the concept is just as valid!

The 1909 Hupmobile Model 20 Runabout set new standards for a small, sporting car that was both well-built and affordable. With racy lines and zippy, if not blistering, performance, the “Hup” foreshadowed many cars that would come after it; cars that combined the look and feel of sports cars without the same dangers and persnicketiness.

The Kaysun model of the Hup, dating from the mid-’50s, is also something to respect and learn from. A fantastic kit with a fit that rivals anything that comes out of factories today, this Hawk mid-’60s reissue is a truly eye-opening experience to build.

Check out the Kaysun/Hawk 1/24 1909 Hupmobile on the Cars page, and you’ll get a new respect for what came before!

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