Sweet (ish) Sixteen

In the annals of aviation history, the Supermarine Spitfire is certainly one of the all-time greatest aircraft ever produced. It constantly evolved from the days before WWII, and naval variants were fighting in the Korean war. It’s not hard to argue that anyone interested in aviation’s history or WWII should pretty much HAVE to have a Spit in their collection.

There are, of course, tonnes of Spitfire models in all kinds of scales that you can choose from. While it may not be one of the greatest, the updated Matchbox kit from the late ’80s gives you a chance to build either the Mk. IX or the bubble-topped, clipped-wing Mk. XVI. That’s pretty cool, and that definitely attracted me to this little classic. So, let’s check out the 1/72 Matchbox Spitfire Mk. IX/XVI; it’s on the Out of Box page!



  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    Nice review. I did some research on pilots who flew both the Mk XVI and Mk XIV.

    1. Thanks Pierre!

      I was amazed to find the Mk. XVI was still in existence at Kermit Week’s museum, as well!

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