Sometimes, the simple things can be just as much fun as the more complex ones, right? Well, when you think “Simple”, one of the first names that should come to mind is “Homer Simpson”! As one of TV’s most famous, and least mentally well-endowed, father figures, Homer has been a symbol of, well, something, all around the world for over three decades! In all that time, though, despite there being a flood of Simpson’s figures, there has only ever been one real model kit of Homer.

That one kit is the Heller non-scale (although I’m sure there are fans out there who can measure it and tell me) Homer Simpson from the mid-2000’s. If that sounds late to the party, you’re right; it is! Still, as one of only two Simpsons kits (Bart is the other), the Heller Homer Simpson is a fun little oddity than deserves a look! Check him out on the Out of Box page!

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