Ap-pear-ently There’s a Toy of That!

The name Renault doens’t carry a lot of weight in North America. Dismal quality and styling failures from the ’50s to the ’80sm and an ill-advised, disastrous one-night-stand with AMC in its failing years, have ensured that Renault is a name best forgotten here. However, all over Europe, they’re a huge company, selling lots of cars and being weird while doing it.

One of the weirdest Renaults, though, and one that gets little love even in its home markets, was the oddly porky Renault 14 of the mid-’70s. A VW Golf it is not, and it is generally disliked and fogotten. Or at least it was, until I got my hands on the Solido Cougar 1/43 Renault 14. Now, this masterpiece of automotive design is also a masterpiece of cheap and ugly toy design! Check it out on the Solido Cougars page, and find out why I’m so thrilled to have this little blighter on my shelves!


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