Vintage Wheels Indeed!

Getting into new subjects is one of the most fun parts of modelling. I went from being a “modern jet guy” to a “Gundam guy” and since then have been branching out ever farther. One of the newer types of kit that I’m fascinated with are early cars. Really, anything from a horseless carriage up to WWII has started to really grab my eye. Why? Just because they’re different, and while they’ve always interested me, I didn’t really have a chance to get any kits of them.

Well, that changed in November 2021! Taking advantage of slackened COVID restrictions I finally got to a Toy Show for the first time in ages! And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but… tonnes of old-timey motorcar kits! Heck yeah!

Check out this highly unusual and almost unlikely Vintage Car Score on the Scores and Collections page.



  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    I can feel your excitement here.

    1. Yeah, these things are awesome! It’s such a rush, too, to have found so many of them at a time when I was really getting into that genre. Talk about serendipity!

      1. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        They should make a movie on addicted modelers.

      2. That’s a good idea! Actually, I know somebody who sometimes gets involved with quirky projects like that… maybe I should see about suggesting it!

      3. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        I am sure it would be a blockbuster.

      4. Since it was about modellers, wouldn’t the block come busted already? It’d be more succesful if it was a block-builder, I feel! 🙂
        (Couldn’t resist!)

        Happy New Year by the way, Pierre!

  2. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    Happy New Year Adam.

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