Life-Like’s Own Off-White Streak

The early days of motoring saw a great number of companies start, and fail. Dreamers, tinkerers, engineers and outright charlatans competed in what would prove to be the most cutthroat industry that mankind has ever seen. So many fell by the wayside, but a few have survived. One of those, perhaps amazingly, is Buick.

Back in the early 1900s, Buick became the cornerstone of General Motors, and has survived all the ups-and downs to still see its nameplate produced for sale around the world. Despite this, Buicks aren’t kitted all that much. However, there was a time when one of the earliest Buicks found its way into styrene! The Life-Like 1910 Buick, in the surprising scale of 1/32 handily won the poll in my Vintage Car Haul. Check out this endearing little relic on the Out of Box page

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