Official Third-Party Badassery!

Breaking in to a competitive market is risky, and the mech model business is getting more crowded than it has been since the early 1980s, when Bandai had to contest with the likes of Takara, Arii, Imai and others for a slice of the styrene pie. Into today’s busy, but apparently profitable, market came the quintissential “new kid in town”: Flame Toys.

Marketing models based on then seemingly immortal Transformers brand, this new company offered mech kits that were based on high-end, third-party figures. The question is; are they any good? I have a couple and the first one I got into was the one I wanted most: Drift! Check out how the Flame Toys Furai Models Drift builds up, and whether it stands a chance against its more established rivals!

It’s on the Sci-Fi page!

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