Maybe the “S” is for “Surplus”?

Deciding what to do with leftovers isn’t just a problem when you have half a turkey left after Christmas, or half a plate of cold chicken wings left after Superbowl Sunday. No, it can happen even to the biggest enterprises, like car makers! A perfect example of this happened when the Vega ceased production at the end of 1977, but Chevy had a bunch left over.

Unlike with the food situation, you just can’t make Vega Casserole and hope someone eats it. But GM did the next best thing; they slapped a Monza nose on the Vega hatchbacks that were left and called them the “Monza S”. Uninspiring sales followed this uninspired feat, and eventually the Monza S was lost to history. Nearly. Thankfully, though, MPC gave us one for the history books!

Check out the rare MPC 1/25 Chevy Sportback (aka Monza S) on the Out of Box page. Just like all leftovers, it is helped along with a good heavy coating of cheese!



  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    Ok, a few points – i’d LOVE to have this kit. The engine in instructions looks like the 140 CI aluminum 4. I had a Vega and was very familiar with that appearance – At least changing the oil fouled plugs every couple days was a breeze. Put in another set from the glove box. clean the old ones and back to the glovebox. Couple sets in there.

    they didn’t require much oil – just put some in, run it til the oil would stay on til 35 mph. Put more in it. In my year or so of ownership, it only broke once – blew the ceramic out of the plug base. See above. Change and go.

    This kit body was later modified to the “Twister Vega” with pro stock wheel openings. Same Monza nose though. It is a pretty handsome little loser.

    V8 conversions for Vegas were very popular back then. Made a slow car bad a.. real quick. Just remember to change the rear end as well or it was about 2 burnouts before the rear end took a hike. So the inclusion of a V8 isn’t a surprise. it was the choice of body for Pro Stock Drag racing for several years.

    I had a girlfriend that had a V8 Monza coupe. Awesome little car except it had too small a radiator and like to overheat.

    Thanks for the review – build it up!


    1. Hey Randy!

      Man, when you have to carry spare sparkplugs with you, you know it’s the Dark Ages! 🙂

      I didn’t realise that Twister Vega was this kit! That’s awesome! If only there was a notchback kit…

      I had a neighbour when I was a kid who had first a Malibu (about ’76) and then a late Vega as drag cars. He’d be out there Saturday morning tuning them. We were in a town house, so my parent’s weren’t thrilled, but we kids loved it! 🙂

      Yeah, I’m getting the itch to build this badboy. I’ve only ever seen one online – red, just like the brochure. Makese me wonder if there was any other colour?

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