Cross that Dinky When You Come to It!

If getting there is half the journey, then surely it’s no fun having the trip interrupted by a natural obstacle. For an army on the march, such disruptions can lead not only to lost time, but may ultimately lead to heavy losses or even defeat in a battle. To compensate for such occurrences, specialist bridging vehicles are used, and have been used since World War II.

A perfect example of a Wartime bridgelayer is the Brockway 6×6-mounted system. This is a pontoon bridge and the truck needed to carry and emplace it. Despite their importance, this isn’t a popular subject for model makers! However, Dinky Toys rose to the challenge and produced a beautiful replica waaay back in the day. Check out the Dinky Toys 884 Brockway Bridgelayer on the Military Dinky page, and get ready for a few surprises!

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