Round up the Big ‘Uns

There’s a periodic trend in model kit production that sees an alternating primacy of larger vs. smaller scales. For cars, it was common in the ’70s to have large-scale kits, with sizes going to 1/16, 1/12 and even larger. However, these huge kits were relatively rare. One large scale that did seem to grab on and persist was 1/20. While it’s not common, it’s more common than some of the other scales, and it’s impressive when you compare a big 1/20 to its smaller 1/24 or 1/25 equivalent. That bit of scale makes a considerable difference!

I was doing a tally the other day and noticed I had quite a surprising number of 1/20 car models, so I decided I’d make a new section for them  on the Scores and Collections page. Throughout the ’90s, one of the most persistent purveyor of car kits in this “slightly oversize” scale was Lindberg, and I’ve managed to grab onto a few over the years. Check out my collection of 1/20 Lindberg cars and see if you can tell me what a “Z10” is.


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