Five Old Silver FROGS

No, it’s not that I got the kids’ song title wrong, it’s just my most recent, and yet most ancient, model kit score!

Blasting out of the deep past, when the very existence of plastic models was something of a novelty and not having to work wood was opening up new possibilities in our favourite hobby, these five great and classic British kits are just as much a part of history as they are depictions of it!

Check out my vintage 1950’s FROG roundup on the Scores and Collections page, and vote for the one you’re most interested in!



  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    I don’t think I have ever built a Frog kit.

    1. They’re a lot like Hellers, actually. They’re a bit dodgy on fit, and the detail is raised, but they’re okay. Largely solid at least. I’ve built the Gannet, Uhu, Blitz and have a bunch more in the stash. They made some cool stuff, like a Wallace/Wapiti!

      1. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        I was at the football game yesterday when I got notified you had posted something. Read it this morning and, as always, it was interesting to learn I am also on the same page.

      2. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        It’s all about having fun.

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