Double Your Deltas, Double Your Drag!

There has never been an era of fighter plane development in which the “need for speed” was more prevalent, more of a driving factor, than during the immediate post-WWII era and into the early/mid ’50s. At that time, speed records fell almost weekly, sometimes, daily, and creating fighters with ever higher performance was a point of not only defence, but national pride.

Into this heady mix came the Gloster Javelin, a monster night/all-weather interceptor with two jet engines and the futuristic delta wing. Added to the top of this was a delta-shaped tailplane; after all, if one triangle is fast, the other must make it faster, right? Well… no.

However, uninspiring the final product was, the Javelin was quite the attention getter. No surprise then that there were kits, one of the earliest being the FROG 1/72 Javelin Prototype. Check out this ancient relic, the winner of the poll, on the Out of Box page

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