Park This Where The Sun DOES Shine!

It takes skill and imagination to turn the everyday into something special. This is never more true than when it comes to creating radical custom rides out of pedestrian, workaday vehicles. However, the Vannin’ crew of the ’70s figured out how to do it, and it wasn’t long until the Japanese mini pickup was targeted next. With the rise of the minitruck, it’s no surprise that these little workponies (not quite workhorses, you see…) soon started to be worked over and warmed up.

Perhaps one of the more radical and famous minitruck customs was Harry Bradley’s “California Sunshine”! Decked out with IMSA Flares and all the other period goodies, this one actually spawned imitation – you could order kits to do your own Datsun 620 up like the real show truck! MPC, never missing a beat, jumped on this trend too, and reworked their hard-pressed Datsun mould into the 1/25 California Sunshine. Check it out on the Out of box page, and get ready for some classic MPC shenanigans!


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  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    Nice! Can’t wait to see this one built!

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