A Big Box of Little Possibilities

When you’ve got a big stash of kits (like many of us do…) there are times when it can be difficult to determine what you want to build next. Maybe you want to change it up, or maybe you’re burnt out from your last hyper-detailed build. Well, for situations like that, where you want something new, or quick and different, it can be difficult to find a suitable option.

Not so when you have the Academy History of Transportation mini-model gift set! This is a sampler of super-simple little kits from air, sea, land and space. It has a wide range of weird and wonderful subjects; things you’re not going to easily find a copy of anywhere else. All that, and the kits are small, too, so they won’t take up a lot of real estate on display.

Check out this Whitman’s Sampler-like oddity on the Collections page. Sure, it’s one box, but it’s a gift set, so I put it there. I’m sure you’ll find something in there you’ll like!


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