That’s Some Riveted Sheepskin!

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, it was pretty common for vehicles to be almost as important a “star” of a show or movie as the actors! However, these “super vehicles” (such as the Bandit’s various Trans-Ams, the General Lee or KITT from Knight Rider, to name a few) were all about standing out. The “bad guys” knew they were in for it when they saw that Flaming Chicken, Orange Charger or red Cylon-like scanner.

However, one super vehicle was all about blending in, and that was TV’s most popular super-helicopter, Airwolf! Looking more-or-less like a conventional Bell 222, this airborne crimefighter was a staple for 4 seasons in the mid-’80s. Now, like all things from that era, it’s a piece of retro awesome! On that note, you can check out my original 1/48 AMT Airwolf kit on the Out of Box page, and get ready to go back 4 decades to a time when a supersonic chopper wasn’t so hard to believe in after all!


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