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The Lagoon’s First Decade!

I can hardly believe it, but it has been 10 big years since the I first posted here on the Sprue Lagoon. It was on Remembrance Day, 2012, that I came home from the annual ceremony at the downtown cenotaph and posted my first article, the Matchbox Mirage III B-2 (RV), which was followed the […]

A Big Box of Little Possibilities

When you’ve got a big stash of kits (like many of us do…) there are times when it can be difficult to determine what you want to build next. Maybe you want to change it up, or maybe you’re burnt out from your last hyper-detailed build. Well, for situations like that, where you want something […]

Sword 1/72 TF-9J “Twogar” Update

Value is subjective, and it’s not always something that you can predict. Throughout history, there have been some aircraft that just seem to be endowed with an intrinsic value that is almost “designed into” the airframe. A good example of this is the TF-9J Cougar trainer, also known as the “Twogar”. While the Grumman Panther […]

Too Little, Too Late

Armoured warfare wasn’t a staple of the Japanese army’s doctrine in WWII, at least not the way it was for the European combattants. As a result, most Japanese tanks were smaller and lighter, counting as medium tanks. Mounting smaller guns and less armour than Shermans and other US vehicles, the Japanese tanks weren’t going to […]

Park This Where The Sun DOES Shine!

It takes skill and imagination to turn the everyday into something special. This is never more true than when it comes to creating radical custom rides out of pedestrian, workaday vehicles. However, the Vannin’ crew of the ’70s figured out how to do it, and it wasn’t long until the Japanese mini pickup was targeted […]

Double Your Deltas, Double Your Drag!

There has never been an era of fighter plane development in which the “need for speed” was more prevalent, more of a driving factor, than during the immediate post-WWII era and into the early/mid ’50s. At that time, speed records fell almost weekly, sometimes, daily, and creating fighters with ever higher performance was a point […]

Five Old Silver FROGS

No, it’s not that I got the kids’ song title wrong, it’s just my most recent, and yet most ancient, model kit score! Blasting out of the deep past, when the very existence of plastic models was something of a novelty and not having to work wood was opening up new possibilities in our favourite […]

New Section! For Sale!

There are times I decide to part with some things from the stash. The For Sale page is where you’ll find those things that I’m looking to sell. The page contains links to Ebay auctions, and form there you can do all the normal Ebay-ish stuff. I’m not trying to make a webstore or anything, […]

Round up the Big ‘Uns

There’s a periodic trend in model kit production that sees an alternating primacy of larger vs. smaller scales. For cars, it was common in the ’70s to have large-scale kits, with sizes going to 1/16, 1/12 and even larger. However, these huge kits were relatively rare. One large scale that did seem to grab on […]

Cross that Dinky When You Come to It!

If getting there is half the journey, then surely it’s no fun having the trip interrupted by a natural obstacle. For an army on the march, such disruptions can lead not only to lost time, but may ultimately lead to heavy losses or even defeat in a battle. To compensate for such occurrences, specialist bridging […]