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Brat Update 2: Topless on Bottom     

When last we left off, I said that the next update would the engine and chassis. Never one to be a liar, this update covers those two items. As you’ve seen, the BRAT is something of a challenge to build correctly. Sure, there was a lot of body work to do, but how did the […]

More Retro than Deluxe

For those interested in loser cars, everyday cars or just non-supercars, there isn’t a car that’s much more of all of those than the much venerated (or is that reviled? ) Ford Pinto. This most basic of cars offered by Ford during the ’70s is a true nadir in so many ways, and its reputation […]

Cross Border Car Bonanza!!

If happiness is where you find it, then my brother and I found it big time in Michigan a couple of weeks ago. We did a hobby shop tour, and I think we did pretty darned well. With a trunk full of vintage car model goodness, you can’t say we didn’t get our cheap American […]

Unit 1, But Still Second Place…

Just because you end up second-best doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your hardest! This philosophy is clearly adhered to by the entire series of Metal Armour Dragonar kits produced by Bandai for said anime in the late ’80s. Even though Dragonar wasn’t able to topple Gundam as THE mech show, it was an entertaining and […]

BRAT Update 1: Grind that Body!        

Sometimes, you have no choice but to work with what you’re given. When it became apparent in the mid-‘70s that small trucks were going to be a thing, a lot of makers jumped on the bandwagon. Most companies, by 1980, had some kind of small truck to offer. In a lot of cases, it was […]

Civic: Each “C” is for “Coal Oil”

Bracketed by tasteless black rubber bumpers and featuring all the style of a shoebox, the redesigned 1985 Honda Civic was a major player when it debuted. It began the long reign of the Civic in North America, and confirmed that the Automotive Dark Ages were indeed at their depths. The Tamiya 1/24 Honda Civic is […]

First, and Still the Fattest!

Some planes are known for their sleek lines futuristic design. Others are known for their performance or load carrying capabilities. Some are known for a combination of these. However, there’s a plane that had pretty much none of that going for it. As the Navy’s first monoplane fighter, the Brewster F2A Buffalo was just that […]