When I was younger, I was interested in cars, but mostly older cars like those from the 50’s and 60’s. That’s what I remember being taught about by my Uncle, mostly. However, as I was growing up in the 1980s, all I can remember being surrounded by were rusting 70’s hulks and these lame front-wheel-drive excuses for cars.

They had no power, no style and were a far cry from the cars I got to see at car shows. The seemed weak and worthless.

However, as time has passed, I now see those cars and feel nostalgic. These lame toasters-on-wheels are what my friends’ parents drove, what we rode our bikes around (or into, sometimes…) and used as makeshift snowball barriers. (Don’t tell anyone that, though!) Thus, I have a real thing, now, for cars from the 1980s. It’s broadened a bit since I started building cars, though, and generally you’ll find I build kits of “loser cars”, those that time has chosen to ignore, or that people just don’t seem to know about. It makes for an ecclectic mix indeed.

Oh, yeah, I also like Street Vans. Nothing says late ’70s or early -80’s like those rolling bordellos with the metalflake paint, side pipes and giant murals. You’ll see some of those here too!

Check out the list below for some cars that you might not see too many other places!

Click on the name of the kit (which is hyperlinked) to see a full article on it, with pictures, build history and anything else I think of!

Every kit has a story!

North American and European Cars: (A goodly number of losers among them!)

 Hood up: normally this meant a breakdown on a real EXP.

1/32 Monogram 1982 Ford EXP (told ya, losers…)

From any angle, the Dark Charcoal metallic and Red interior make a stunning combination. It helps the EXP's dorky demeanor a lot. 1/25 MPC 1982 Ford EXP (because once just wasn’t enough!) Rockin' it '80s turbo-style with the AMT (nee MPC) 1988 Daytona. This is a pretty nice kit of a long-forgotten road warrior!1/25 MPC 1988 Dodge Daytona – the Omni’s, and MPC’s, last blast!  A wicked looking car in a gorgeous colour! The late 80's GTAs have always been a favourite of mine. Thankfully, now I won't have to buy the real thing!1/24 Monogram 1987 GTA – Poncho’s ultimate 3rd Gen pony car’s first appearance!

 The Chevette Scooter was never hugely popular. The only chrome on it were the door handles (BMF here) and the hubcaps (Alclad on this kit). 1/25 MPC 1979 Chevette Scooter: The most base version of Chevy’s little “econobox that could”! Go Beige or go home!

This is the SVO in the rare Hertz-only "4E Dark Sage" colour. This is, quite likely, the rarest Mustang ever produced.1/24 Monogram 1985.5 SVO: In Dark Sage (4E) Green, this is the rarest SVO ever produced! This is the 1984 Citation X-11 in Light Fern Metallic. It may not be as exciting as others, but it does have a subdued charm all its own! 1/24 Revell 1984 Citation X-11 Notchback: Finished in Light Fern Metallic, this X-Car “muscle machine” is one rare beastie. Cavalier 037

1/25 MPC 1982 Cavalier: The “sporty” version of Chevy’s long-lived J-Car!

fuzz-duster-095 1/25 MPC 1980 Volare Road Runner: The last hurrah for Chrysler’s ’70s-era rear-drivers!

1/25 AMT Ford Probe GT: Ford’s sporty not-a-Mustang from the end of the Automtoive Dark Ages.

 1/25 Revell 1964 Fleetside: A classic Chevy workhorse all dressed up fancy-like, and with new shoes to boot!

1/25 MPC 1979 Pinto Cruising Wagon: Econobeater-cool in a street-ready wrapper. Like fake “dollar store” chocolate on wheels!

1/24 Tamiya Sierra XR4i: Ford-of-Europe’s sporty rear-drive coupe. That’s some true ’80s Eurotech right there!

Hupmobile 054

Hawk 1/24 1909 Hupmobile: A true classic of the road, this is an early example of a classic repop!


Japanese Cars: (Some losers, some cool, mostly weird in some way.)

 The 1981 4-Door Skyline is NOT what most people are thinking of when they hear "Skyline"! 1/24 Tamiya Nissan Skyline 2000RS: The “family” version of Nissan’s vaunted sporty driving machine.  You know you WAAAANT it. This is the free bonus with the Skyline 2000RS four-door: the Gemma 50 scooter!1/24 Tamiya Suzuki Gemma 50 : It’s a blue motor scooter; what else can I say?

1/24 Tamiya 1985 Honda Civic: The all-conquering Civic in all its coal-oil glory!

1/24 AMT 1978 Subaru BRAT: Subaru’s export-only car-truck; take that “Chicken Tax”!

Mazda K360 042

1/32 Arii 1958 Mazda K360: A step up from the “cycle truck”, but not a very big one!


Street Vans: (Don’t come a knockin’…)

 Emerging from the mists of the past (and the bongs?) comes the SUNDANCE EXPRESS! Does that set the mood or what?Sundance Express: Get your twinkies and Mountain Dew, and flashback to the Vannin’ days!

If you see this van a rockin... well, you CAN'T HELP but see that, now can you? Gold Rush takes Vannin' to new extremes; this is not for the faint of heart, my friends!

MPC 1/25 Gold Rush: A massive blast from the past, Gold Rush is MPC’s journey into the Show Rod side of Vannin’!



  1. Mr witherspoon · · Reply

    I will be buying a few model cars from you soon.

    1. I didn’t know I had any cars for sale, but if there’s something you’re looking for, you can email me and we can see what we can do, I suppose!

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