This is where the “unreal” happens.

I’m a big fan of science fiction, particularly anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics). I build kits of all kinds of different sci-fi subjects, and find them the most fun of all types of kits. There’s a lot of room for imagination and customization; since the vehicles aren’t real, there’s no one who can tell you you’ve done it wrong!

Click on the name of the kit (which is hyperlinked) to see a full article on it, with pictures, build history and anything else I think of! Every kit has a story!


Mecha are science fiction war machines, generally humaniform in appearance and most often piloted by one or two people. If you like, you can think of them as giant piloted robot tanks. Imagine a Transformer that needs a pilot. I build mecha from all kinds of different series, including Macross, Votoms, Evangelion, Nadesico.  I have a thing for giant robots, so you’ll eventually see a lot of these up here!

 This close-up of the chest shows how the clear sensor visor, as well as the steel-painted backpack cables and chest vents really set this kit off. There is a minimum of surface detail simply because the Jegan is a very clean, uncluttered mech. 1/144 HGUC Jegan: The cannon-fodder mech from Char’s Counterattack  Front-on, the G-Saviour's unique "vents" can be seen. They aren't breathers like on most other Gundams. They seem to be just plates, but it's a neat aesthetic. They remind me of intake guards on fighter planes.1/144 G-Saviour (Space Mode): The forgotten MS from the live-action “G-Saviour” movie  Man, if size matters, then the R-Gun Powered is going to make all your other mecha feel like My Little Ponies. This guy's go the guns, FOR REALS! Non-Scale Super Robot Wars OG R-Gun Powered: It has big guns and is purple. What?  You can really see the effect of the white trim on the bottom of the Santa Suit's "overcoat" as well as the brass "belt buckle" and other details.1/144 RX-79 G(S) Santa Gundam: Merry Christmas, Gundam-style!
 The Dra-G has everything you need for both long range (big guns and heavy missiles) and short-range slashing attacks (machine cannon and beam sabre). It's an excellent all-aspects machine, better than any Feddie fighter.1/144 MS-21G Dra-G: The heavy-weapon version of the Dra-C from Gundam 0083, Z and Unicorn This view shows off not only the Astrea's lean proportions, but also the "power socket" in the forearm. This hardpoint is occupied by the shield on the left arm, but is open on the right. It's a clunky interface and tends to make the weapons more unweildy than they could otherwise be. 1/100 Astrea F:  Prototype Celestial Being Gundam from the Gundam 00 Sidestory universe Mean and (at least partially) green, the Wagtail Custoim is a vibrant and sexy mobile suit, much cooler than the plain-jane GM type C that it started out as!1/144 RGM-79C Wagtail Custom: A custom-painted version of the Degenki Hobby exclusive!  This close up of the head/shoudler area shows the grenade launchers and the G-Cannon Magna head to good effect. The eyes on the kit were clear green plastic painted white on the back to make them really ‘light up’.

1/100 RX-90-77 Guncannon III: A new Guncannon for the F-90 Gundam generation! A Sprue Lagoon Exclusive!

This is the 00 Gundam all dressed up for Hallowe'en as Tekkaman Blade. Or, is it a failed audition by Blade to be in the next Gundam? Who can tell? I'm beginning to think even the folks at Bandai might not know for sure!1/100 Gundam 00 Blade Custom: This is the 00 Gundam painted up like Tekkaman Blade. It’s uncanny how similar the two are!  The almost "Atomic" nature of the Stargazer's beam rings is evident from the front. Note that all three are of different diameters, making positioning them around the mech a bit trickier than it may look.1/144 HG Stargazer Gundam: This is the titular MS from the Stargazer ONA. It’s a neat kit with a very special story behind it!  Christmas Dio (1)1/144 Elf Mech: This is the little worker suit that came with the GM Sniper II, but all Christmassed up! ‘Tis the Season!  MG Megatron 1221/100 MG Ez-8 Megatron Ver.  This is the Ez-8 from the 8th MS Team done up like the original G1 Megatron. Decepticons, ATTACK!
While still vibrant, the green I made up for the Dovenwolf is at least a bit more subdued than the anime. Despite this, the red, green and black combo is pretty loud.1/144 AMX-014 Dovenwolf: This is the ZZ-Gundam painted version of the Sleeves kit, all ready for the first Neo-Zeon Civil War! Keroro Robo Mk. II 0101/12 Keroro Robo Mk. II: This is Keroro’s second-gen mech, and the core of the Godkeron gestalt. HGUC F-91 0091/144 HGUC Gundam F-91: The somewhat obscure and petite mech from the anime of the same name, at last! The small bits of orange and light grey help break up the monotony of the main beige colour. It makes a rather subdued mech really "pop".1/144 HGUC Defenser ReZEL: The final variant of the Zeta clone from Unicorn. More guns, more fun!
Big guns and extra armour. What more do you need on a giant robotic war machine?

1/144 HGUC Full Armour Gundam 7th: An obscure walking gun platform, now in much better colours!

Predaking 074

1/144 Predaking: Converted from the corny Gundam Tryon 3 super-robot, this is my take on the Decepticon’s feral G1 gestalt!

The Age-1 Normal Type is the first of a new generation of Gundams. It has a distinct design sensibility that helps to distinguish it from previous Gundams

1/100 MG AGE-1 Normal: Titular MS from the Gundam AGE franchise in its Master Grade form. Styrene Origami!

1/100 MG Shenlong Gundam (EW): Katoki’s big-legged redesign of Wufei’s TV-series Gundam from Wing Gundam.

1/144 HGUC GMII Cannon: A vastly up-gunned version of Z Gundam’s cannon-fodder Feddie!

1/144 FFA-02 Schwalg: Half-plane, half-humanoid, all Giganos! A baddie from Dragonar, all but forgotten!

1/100 RXF-91 Kai: An obscure mech from an obscure side story, now rereleased for everyone to enjoy!

1/100 Efreet Blazer Custom: My take on the RE/100 Efreet as Norris Packard would have used it!

Bandai 1/144 YMS-15GC “Gyan Crusader”: A customized custom from Build Fighters Try and the UC timeline!

Bandai 1/100 MG RGM-89 R++ Jegan: The ultimate version of this venerable grunt suit!

Bandai 1/100 F-90Y Cluster Gundam: A classic side-story mech makes a triumphant return!

Drift Done (13)

Flame Toys Furai Drift: A non-transforming official third-party Transformer; and a decent kit to boot!

1/100 MG Wing Gundam Redux Custom: When you want a new Wing Gundam, but Katoki’s take sucks…

Non-Humaniform Machines:

In with the mecha, there are always things like fighter planes, space battleships, submarines etc. This is the spot for those things.

 All done! This shows the Fighter in its final form, from the port side. Note the panel lines done with pastel, and the satin finish.

1/72 F-29 Vulture: This is the T.A.P Gun fighter from the Orange Road New Year’s Episode.

 From front on, you can see I'm one bridge window short of a full ship, but it was better than no windows!

1/1000 Arcadia (Movie Type): Harlock’s massive space pirate ship from “Arcadia of my Youth

 The panel line down the front of each leg is my "cheater" line. This is such a wonderful expedient that I can't endorse it enough!1/144 Reindeer B’Cue: A Christmas quadruped MS to keep the Santa Gundam company!

 Much better! If it is better to give than receive, the Sled Jabber should be feeling pretty happy, I'd think!

1/144 Sled Jabber: What good is Santa without a sled and presents?

The wash, because it contained Future, dried shiny and made the final satin coating very easy. Look how well it flowed around all those details. 1/144 Bandai Type 74 Hovertruck: The Federation general-purpose hauler decked out for the Holidays!  Here it is; all the components of the Gundam Christmas Diorama are finally united on their new base!1/144 Gundam Christmas Diorama: Now completed by a new snowy base, this is one heavy metal Christmas scene!

CAM-1228-P2 Super Gunship: A TTA’ed version of the Solvalou from Xevious!

Academy 1/72 Apache “Spinister”: One of the most garish G1 Decepticons returns as a “realistic” replica!



I don’t build figures of real people, but I love to build kits of anime figures. They range in size, but the biggest I’ve built is 1/6, and they tend to average about 1/20.

Icelina 0091/20 Icelina Eschonbach: Garma Zabi’s ill-fated lover from the original Gundam series. Sayla Mas 0091/20 Sayla Mas: Char’s sister and an Operator on the White Base, she’s one of 0079’s more conflicted characters Angel Fumina 050

Super Fumina Christmas Angel Custom: Non-scale reworking of Bandai’s Axis Angel Gundam Girl kit.


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