Good old (and new, and maybe even future!) flying machines are here!

I started out modelling aircraft back when I was 12. It seems like so long ago (okay, it is… don’t rub it in!), but my love of aircraft hasn’t changed. If anything, it has simply broadened and deepened!

I tend to focus on 1/72 aircraft, but I do have a few 1/48 built up. I like the smaller scales, so you’ll also see some 1/144 eventually. Oh, and I do have a think for the Tamiya 1/100 planes (they’re in scale to big Gundams!) so there is also some of that to be found. I model everything from WWII up until the modern day. However, I also do a lot of What Ifs, so don’t be surprised if you see some weird stuff here!

Browse the list below to find something of interest, and enjoy! Feedback is always welcome!

Click on the name of the kit (which is hyperlinked) to see a full article on it, with pictures, build history and anything else I think of!

Every kit has a story!


This view of the Stuka from the rear really shows the hard-edged cammo pattern to good effect. You can also see a bit of the interior, as well as the masked and painted (as opposed to decalled) yellow stripe on the tail.

1/72 Academy Ju-87 G “Panzerknacker” Stuka – the Luftwaffe’s ultimate tank buster!

Trimotor 0171/72 Airfix Ford 5-AT Trimotor – the famous “Tin Goose” in her impressed RAF service days! This is the finished FROG Ta 152H in the colours of an unspecified Luftwaffe unit in the spring of 1945. While very old, this kit is at least halfway decent, and with some patience and putty be made into a fairly convincing replica of Kurt Tank’s ultimate fighter.1/72 FROG Ta-152H –  the final evolution of Tank’s famous fighter. The black call letters went easily, as far as making my own decals. The tail bands, though, were very tough. A lot of them died to get this result!

1/72 AZ Models Grunau Baby IIb – one of the most famous gliders in the world, with a personal connection!

 This nose shot gives a good look at both the "Hercules" engine and the yellow underside. Gotta love yellow bellies on cammoed planes!

1/72 Matchbox Vickers Type 289 – The Wellesley used to test the famous Hercules radial engine.

It may look cool now, but it would be a rude surprise in a nice-looking box, I can tell you!

1/72 Farpro C6N1 Saiun – The export version of the “classic” Aoshima. The IJN’s ultimate recce bird!


New Airfix 1/72 Defiant – The RAF’s dogged turret fighter returns in small scale glory!

1/72 Farpro Japan E15K1 Siun “Norm” – A disappointing IJN floatplane recce bird as an equally egregious ancient model!

Brengun 1/72 Natter Trailer – Sure, it’s not a plane, but it was designed to launch them. That’s close, right?

Brengun Natter 002

Brengun 1/72 Bachem BP-20 Natter M23: The first and last of the manned Natters, this machine is the first step to the manned space race of the ’60s!

Spitfire 16 065

Matchbox 1/72 Spitfire LF.XVI: A weird mix of bubbletop and clipped wings, in classic Matchbox style!



 This top view of the T-1 shows the very bright colour scheme to good advantage. It's ALL decals!

1/72 Hasegawa Fuji T-1A/B – Japan’s first indigenous post-war jet

Top 3/4 of the Mirage IIIB1/72 Matchbox Mirage III B-2 (RV) – refuelling trainer version of the famous delta-winged fighter You can see the gun nose on this A32A from this side shot. It also emphasizes the somwhat boat-like prow of the Lansen, which in some eyes causes it to resemble a banana!1/72 Heller A-32A Lansen – Sweden’s tough, long-lived jet attacker This is the Revell/Ace Forger kit all finished and ready to go. This is a difficult kit in some respects, and overall it’s not very accurate. However, it does look smart in this provisional Romb-1 colour scheme, even if the real thing didn’t perform very well in Afghanistan.1/72 Revell/ACE Yak-38 Forger A – Russia’s only successful V/STOL fighter in its Afghan War colours

 Good things do come in small packages! The Tamiya kit, complete with four AA-1 missiles is a fearsome looking machine. Too bad the real thing was such a pig...

1/100 Tamiya MiG-19PM Farmer E: The Russian’s first supersonic fighter, in its “all missile” form.

The all-green upper wings really show in this view. Given the blockiness of the wings, I'm really surprised they bothered to camouflage the plane at all. 1/72 Heller Mirage IVA: Heller’s oldie-but-goodie small-scale rendition of France’s Nuclear bomber of the Cold War. The Airfix F.22 is a passable kit at a good price. It takes some work, but as you have seen, even something that's a bit of a mess can be made into something rather nice, so long as you have the patience and skill.

1/72 Airfix Spitfire F.22: The “new Airfix” take on one of the final Spitfire variants. All hail bubbletops!

 If you look at the "shoulder" on the canopy, you can see the crack that resulted from the Hunter's tumble. I'm lucky the canopy was masked; that prevented it from shattering, and left me with something to repair!
1/72 Matchbox Hunter T.66: This is the Omani version of the Hunter two-seater, complete with Sidewinder conversion!
AT-3 0501/72 LO Model AT-3: Taiwan’s first indigenous jet trainer is also ready for war! As a builder, you’d better be too! Bucc Built (20)

Tamiya 1/100 Buccaneer S.2/S.50: The immortal Bucc dressed to kill as an early SAAF machine!

Trumpeter 1/48 Supermarine Attacker F.1: Supermarine’s less-than-sizzling jet successor to its glorious Spitfire legacy!

Zvezda 1/72 Mig-29 SMT: Russia’s hunchbacked Fulcrum has junk in the trunk and weapons galore!

Su-21U 081

1/72 Pioneer 2 Su-15UM “Flagon G”: Crude kit of a rather finesse-challenged lawn dart two-holer!



What has cranked wings and floats? Well, THIS does!! The Float Stuka in all its What-Iffy glory!1/72 Junkers Ju-87 J-2 “Float Stuka” – a floatplane, torpedo-toting version of Germany’s feared bent-wing attacker (as used by the Italians) This shows all the newly-added black radomes that signify the EP-6D's ELINT role. Box Scale EP-6D Seamaster – an ELINT version of Martin’s four-jet flying boat bomber Fi-2031/72 Fi-203 Adlerkralle – a twin Fi-103 attack fighter The ancient FROG Uhu done up as the He-219G5/RT. WIth some patience and spare parts, the old bird found new life as a high-speed missile carrier.1/72 He-219 G5/RT – a missile toting attack version of the famous Heinkel night fighter!
This view from above gives an idea of the disruptive nature of the cammo. It also shows the F-13B's full warload.1/72 F-13B Typhoon – A JASDF version of the Eurofighter; what they could have had instead of the F-35! This is the finished AMTech Ta-183 Huckebein, show in a proposed air superiority cammo for fall, 1945. This is a good, but basic kit of one of the most ‘legitimate’ Luft ’46 concepts.1/48 Ta-183 Huckebein – Kurt Tank’s final wartime design was a jet fighter far ahead of its time!  FW 380_21/72 FW-380 – A Zwilling (twinned) version of Kurt Tank’s long-nosed FW-190; a true Frankenjaeger! Dragon 1/72 Me P.1101: The dayfighter version of the world’s first swingable wing plane!

Heller/Airfix 1/72 Me-709: A jet-powered -109 made from ancient scraps!



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