Scores and Collections

One great part about collecting something is going on the hut for what you love. Sometimes, if I’m really lucky, I can find a bunch of things all at once. This happens a lot at things like flea markets and estate sales. Someone’s collection will be up for sale and it, or at least a part of it, will catch my attention.  In cases like this, I make a big score – a tonne of cool things at once.

Another great thing about collecting is when I manage to build up a collection of interesting, similar things through years of hard work. Usually, I don’t notice that I even have a collection until I stop and think about it. I will then take the time to get the items of interest all together so I can look at them in the context of each other.

That’s what this page is for: to just have a place where a lot of weird, intersesting or similar things can all be seen together. Sometimes, one oddball kit is neat, but a gaggle of them is really kind of fun.


 Farpro Collection 001

Farpro Japan kits: Aoshima’s export kits for North America. Horribly classic!

2015-03-07 Dragonar Score (3)

1/144 Dragonar Kits: Straight out of the 1980s comes the collection of Dragonar kits. The show is a bit obscure, but it’s a good watch and the kits are something different!

 Fail Car boxes 006

MPC Cars: The kings of the “everyday loser” car kit, MPC made some great kits of questionable and interesting cars.

 Matchbox Armour 003

Matchbox Armour: Great little kits from yesterday, all in the awkward 1/76 scale we know and love!


Gundam Mid-Year Campaign 2015: This is the HGBuild Fighters Try Special Set; one of only 82 in the world to be won. Check out my “Major Award”!

Matchbox Aircaft – “Sunset Stripe” Boxes: Here’s a cross section of some Matchbox airplanes in the snappy “sunset boxes” from the early ’80s!

“Sunset Stripe” Cars: The setting of the sun on the era of performance! Crazy Customs and Nearly Stocks.

2018 London Model Show Haul: Check out this smorgasboard of automotive oddities!

1/32 Three-Wheelers: These little commercial workhorses help Japan get back on its feet, while only having three wheels themvselves!

2019 HeritageCon 13 Haul: A bevy of oddball aircraft and car kits awaits!

June 2019 MI Haul: Check out this awesome buffet of car kits that followed us home from across the border!

2019 End of Summer Haul: Summer’s over, but the memories, and the sprue, will last a lifetime!

Monza Mayhem!!: What’s better than four Monzas? Six of them! H-Body lust personified!

A Surprise in the Mail: My good friend Alan sent me a care package to chase away the Winter Blahs. Mission acomplished!

Four Pounds of Fun: Another drop from my good buddy Alan. This makes up for not getting to many shops this year!

Christmas 2020 Haul: It was a bad year with an even worse twist right near Christmas, but that didn’t stop the sprue! Check out my Christmas haul here!

Matchbox MegaScore (Mar 2021) 001

Matchbox Mega-Score! It’s March Mayhem Matchbox-style! Throw in some others for a 25 round styrene beatdown!

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