Ships and Tanks

It’s not always about cars, planes and mecha! I have the odd ship and tank kit in my inventory too! I like to build them as a change of pace, and they make a fun distraction from my more usual subjects!


I’m not a big ship builder, but I do have a thing for submarines. Of course, just like for cars, the weirder or more obscure the better, but you’ll likely see some almost “normal” machines here too, assuming they’re cool enough looking!

 Astute 017Hobby Boss 1/350 Astute: The RN’s newest attack boat, brought to life by the Chinese modelling industry! Biber 044

Italeri 1/35 Biber: The Kriegsmarine’s desperate and shoddy attempt to field a one-man submarine!



The world of armour is something fairly new to me. I’ve only built a couple of tanks in my life, and they were decades ago. I decided to try armour again after picking up some awesome old 1/76 Matchboxes. As it turns out, armour is pretty fun!

 M16 0341/76 Matchbox M16: The old Matchbox take on the Meat Chopper – with mini diorama base too!

1/76 Matchbox Panzer II: The little tank that helped conquer Europe! Sadly, no dio base with this one.

1/76 Fujimi Shinhoto Chi-Ha: An “upgunned” version of Japan’s pretty sad main tank. Great kit, though!



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