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Baby Got Back

While making jet fighters as aerodynamically clean and sleek as possible is usually the first concern for aeronautical engineers, the exigencies of combat and the need to get more out of a design often lead to the opposite. The need to carry more fuel and avionics is usually the driving force behind the addition of […]

Mig-29SMT Update: More Work Than it Ought To Be

One of the overarching concepts in weapons design, especially so for the Russian/Soviet side of things, is what most of us know as the “KISS” principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. While some of what we in the West were told about Soviet weapons’ crudeness was untrue, it is undeniable that most Soviet war machines definitely […]

Lumpy and Violent: Perfect!

There’s nothing like taking a perfectly good aerodynamic shape and throwning extra lumps on it. This is a common enough practice, as some of the most finely-crafted and refined aeronautical shapes have, over the years, grown to have large “hunchback” spines. Thuds, F-16s and Skyhawks all did it, and so did the MiG-21! I, personally, […]