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A “Sleeves-less” Dovenwolf – ZZ for the fun of it!

Good things come to those who wait. It’s true, espeically so for Gundam kits. We’ve been waiting for overy 25 years for a nice 1/144 Dovenwolf kit, and now Bandai has delivered with the HGUC Dovenwolf (Unicorn Ver.). However, I didn’t want a Sleeves version, I wanted a ZZ version, and like a petulant 2-year […]

Silver and Gold: A Nugget of a Small-Scale Hauler!

So, how do you get your presents from your depot to your Sled Jabber, so your  Elf Mech can load them and your Santa Gundam can deliver them on time? This isn’t a joke, believe me; this is something I’m sure that must occupy the minds of people everywhere, especially as Christmas gets closer! I […]

Look to the Stars, Fly to the Angels

In a world where so many Gundams look the same, the HG Seed Stargazer is truly unique! Check out the my 1/144 HG Stargazer Gundam on the Sci-Fi Page. This kit was finished exactly four years ago today, and it has a very special place on my shelf, and in my heart. Read on to see […]