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Everyday Things in Small Packages

The need for transportation doesn’t wane just because you live in a crowded metropolitan area. Despite the current leftist campaign to demonize the car in favour of public transit and bicycles, for many, a car is still both a nice-to-have AND a need-to-have. The Japanese solved the problem of congested streets and the need for […]

Stealthy? Yes! Invisible? Try Again!

Born out of the aftermath of the Automotive Dark Ages, the Dodge Stealth was a very interesting hybrid. Part Japanese-engineered supercar and part Mopar brawler, the Stealth was an affordable car that, in it’s most extreme form, could blow the doors of almost anything in its day. Combining Japanese and American sensibilities and making judicious […]

Big Bird Settin’ the Pace!

Despite the 301T’s propensity to be mocked by the automotive press, the turbo-powered Trans Ams of 1980-1981 were good performers in their day. They were so good, that they were chosen to be pace cars in both years! That’s something few, if any, cars can claim. Also, the Turbo T/As didn’t need many mods, just […]

Get Your Hen’s Teeth Here!

Alright, folks. Hold onto your seats and get ready for a review of what is easily one of the rarest kits I’ve yet come across: the 1/20 Bandai Mazda Familia Rotary Coupe! It’s so rare that this article is the most detailed review you’re likely to ever find. Check out this 40+ year old super-rare […]