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Rhino Update 1: Build-Around City!

There’s a lot to be said, both good and bad, about stepping out of our comfort zone. Like Calvin’s dad would say about shovelling a driveway in sub-zero temperatures: “It builds character”. True enough. However, the other side is that if it’s too uncomfortable, you might never want to do it again, given the option. […]

Africa’s Elusive Beast

Due to sanctions, embargoes and many unfriendly neighbours, South Africa has developed a very robust and interesting armaments industry. Unfortunately, their products are pretty niche, and are intended primarily for domestic use. This means that, like Israeli equipment, South African armour is not something that is very well served in the world of the injection-moulded […]

Tough Things in Small Packages

The Italeri 1/35 Biber came as a surprise to a lot of people, including me! This kit of a somewhat obscure machine looked promising in the box. However, you should never judge a model solely by its sprues, and the Biber was a surprisingly tough customer. I build this for my dad, since my Opa […]

A Boxful of German Beaver

The Kriegsmarine (German Navy) may have been the “poor relation” of the Nazi armed forces, but that didn’t stop it from coming up with its own outlandishly unsafe and ill-advised weaponry! A perfect example of this is the Biber (beaver) midget submarine! Just because it killed more of its own pilots than it did Allied […]