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Cross Border Car Bonanza!!

If happiness is where you find it, then my brother and I found it big time in Michigan a couple of weeks ago. We did a hobby shop tour, and I think we did pretty darned well. With a trunk full of vintage car model goodness, you can’t say we didn’t get our cheap American […]

Ace of Base

While we all like to imagine driving Corvettes, Ferraris and/or other automotive exotica, the truth is that most of us can’t afford that, and sometimes all we really need is just basic transportation. That fact wasn’t lost on Chevy in 1979 when it offered it’s newly-restyled Chevette in the Chevette Scooter trim level! Check out […]

Chevette Update 5: Body Count (in da house!)

With the chassis and engine done, it is time to get this thing looking like a Chevette, for real! That means mating the interior, body and chassis into one glorious, beige testament to world-car engineering! I guled the windows in with some CA on the bars that go across the roof and then put some […]

Chevette Update 4: Rollin’!

You know a car kit is coming together well when you get the engine in and the wheels on! The Chevette is making good progress now. It’s funny just how well the engine fits into the chassis; the transmission really seems to join up to the drive shaft and everything seems to be pretty well […]

Chevette Update 1: The Start of Something Beige

Well, it seems that the people in Chevette Nation, and in fact a number of Monza and Pacer fans, too, want to see how the Chevette that won the Loser Cruiser Soundoff is doing! I only started the Chevette a few days ago, but I’ve been making good progress. I always find cars take forever […]

You’ll Go Blind!

You’ve likely heard of activities that can make you lose your sight, right? Well, MPC proves that bear baiting is one kind of ba(i)ting that will do just that! Check out the MPC take on the 1979 Chevette with “Bear Bait”, an outrageous custom that will knock out out! It’s on the Out of Box […]