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Shameless Self Promo-tion

The Chrysler Sebring convertible was a big styling and design improvement over the previous LeBaron convertibles. Sleek and sophisitcated, it was a good seller for Chrysler, and it’s surprising that no one else bothered to kit it. Thankfully, Lindberg got their hands on the promo and were able to make it into a kit. Literally! […]

Suburban Assault Vehicle!

Hauling kids, hauling bikes, hauling pets and hauling gear; the Chrysler Caravan has done it all! Despite its importance, the Caravan is rarely kitted, except for this: the 1/25 1996 Caravan from Lindberg! Check out the Out of Box review for this curbsider of the world’s first Minivan and get ready to pick up some […]

A Bolt into the Blue

Not a car that everyone immediately thinks of when they hear the word “Mopar”, the 1/25 1988 Dodge Daytona from MPC was, and ┬áis, a pretty good kit! Check out one of MPC’s last offerings on the Cars page!