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Cross that Dinky When You Come to It!

If getting there is half the journey, then surely it’s no fun having the trip interrupted by a natural obstacle. For an army on the march, such disruptions can lead not only to lost time, but may ultimately lead to heavy losses or even defeat in a battle. To compensate for such occurrences, specialist bridging […]

Britain’s Pre-War Six Machine!

If you want to sell me a Gundam, give it a beam shield or an over-the-shoulder cannon. If you want to sell me a plane, make it fat, slow and useless. But, if you want to sell me a ground vehicle, give it six wheels. I’m a sucker for six-wheelers. As it turns out, so […]

A Whole Dinky Army goes “Over the Hill”!

As it turns out, the cool Firebase Cake that my brother and sister-in-law made to celebrate my 40th birthday wasn’t the only Dinky-based surprise to be headed my way! There was also a completely custom-made Dinky 40Y Gift Set (aka Geezer Set) to help me get “over the hill”. Made up of a surprising number of […]