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Putting the “Cannon” in Cannon-Fodder!

In the world of Gundam, everybody knows that the GM is the suit most likely to be destroyed in any given battle. I think it stands for “Getting Mulched” or “Give up, Man”, because these dime-a-dozen cannon-fodder Gundam wannabes usually take it to the face in the worst way possible. However, they are also amazingly […]

Party (?) like it’s 1984!

Well, it’s finally done! ┬áThe Light Fern Metallic Citation X-11 that I’ve been working on has finally been completed, and man, is it… subdued! ┬áThe Citation X-11 notchback is a weird enough thing to make a kit of, but to make this kit into a 1984 model in such a rare and geeky colour only […]

Green (and Grey) with Envy!

The GM Wagtail Custom is my customized take on the Wagtail Conversion kit for the RGM-79C GM that came in May 2011’s Degenki Hobby. Check it out on the Sci-Fi page!