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Dovenwolf vs. Dovenwolf! Beauty before Age!

Whenver a new kit comes out, it’s always interesting to compare it to an older version of the same subject. Nowhere is this more true than for Gundam kits. The improvements made in the engineering of Mobile Suit kits in the last 25+ years is astounding! Given that both the old and the new kits […]

A “Sleeves-less” Dovenwolf – ZZ for the fun of it!

Good things come to those who wait. It’s true, espeically so for Gundam kits. We’ve been waiting for overy 25 years for a nice 1/144 Dovenwolf kit, and now Bandai has delivered with the HGUC Dovenwolf (Unicorn Ver.). However, I didn’t want a Sleeves version, I wanted a ZZ version, and like a petulant 2-year […]

The Kit that Cried (Doven) Wolf!

Straight out of left field came the news that Bandai was going to kit a version of the somewhat obscure Dovenwolf from ZZ-Gundam as part of its new HGUC Unicorn MSV lineup!  It has been over a quarter century since the last Dovenwolf kit was issued, so there was no doubt it would be an […]

Peace Through Tyranny!

The original G1 Megatron is one of the most recognizable villains in modern sci-fi history. While there aren’t any good kits of him, with a bit of work, the Gundam Ez-8 comes a close second! Check out my Megatron conversion of the 1/100 MG Ez-8, and prepare to meet your Slagmaker!

Elf Gratification!

Well, it’s getting closer to Christmas again, so I figured I’d better get working on more parts of my Gundam Christmas Diorama!  The newest part is the Elf Mech, a 1/144 worker mech that came with the HGUC GM Sniper II Custom. Check out this pint-sized present-hauler!

Look to the Stars, Fly to the Angels

In a world where so many Gundams look the same, the HG Seed Stargazer is truly unique! Check out the my 1/144 HG Stargazer Gundam on the Sci-Fi Page. This kit was finished exactly four years ago today, and it has a very special place on my shelf, and in my heart. Read on to see […]

00 Marks for Originality!

The 00 Gundam is one of the most athletic-looking Gundams of recent times. It’s also one of the more original-looking ones, right? I thought so, until I started to notice that it looks a lot like Tekkaman Blade! From this was born the first of my mech kit “lookalikes”, the Gundam 00 Blade Custom! Check […]

Just Don’t call her “the Blonde from Side 7” like Amuro does…

Another of the 1/20 Gundam figure series, the model of Sayla Mas is both very similar too, and very different from, that of Icelina Eschonbach. As Gundam’s nominal heroine, Sayla has a large role in the first Gundam TV series, and moreso in the novels! Check out this old relic in the Sci-Fi section!

Red, Willing and Able!

While the F-90 Gundam may not think it needs Guncannons, I disagree! This is my customized 1/100  RX-90-77 Guncannon III, based on the old F-90 A/D/S model from the Gundam F-90 model series! Check him out on the Sci-Fi page in all his red glory!

Perfection is in the Eye of the Beholder…

Most of the time, Gundams try to be as realistic as possible, given they’re giant robots. Well, the exception is the Master Grade Perfect Gundam from Bandai! Check out the Out of Box (OOB) review of this Master Grade  incarnation of the most spastic-looking MS of all! I think this is an old idea that […]