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Jack of Many Trades, Master of None

While the need for multirole combat aircraft isn’t new, the approach taken to this “maid of all work”-type of aircraft has changed quite a bit from the interwar period. Nowadays, we think of multirole along the lines of “fighter/bomber/recon” and additional roles, like close air support. We don’t think of combining the roles of bomber, […]


Sometimes, the simple things can be just as much fun as the more complex ones, right? Well, when you think “Simple”, one of the first names that should come to mind is “Homer Simpson”! As one of TV’s most famous, and least mentally well-endowed, father figures, Homer has been a symbol of, well, something, all […]

One Man’s Trash is Another’s WHIF

Quite probably one of the worst kits I have ever owned is the Heller-Airfix 1/72 Bf-109G. This hunk of scrap wasn’t even a very good kit back in the day when it was made, let alone 50+ years later. However, the fact it’s so cruddy also makes it very, very useful. For what? Yes, maybe […]

Five If By Mail

How exciting is it to be told you’re getting a surprise in the mail?  It’s very exciting, especially when you know that the surprise is model kits, and that the person sending them has a pretty good read on what it is that you appreciate in a kit. Of course you out there know that […]

(Nor)atlas Shrugged: You will too!

If there’s one thing Heller did well, it’s make kits of unique aircraft, especially French and Swedish ones. However, not all their kits are grand slams. Heller also made a line of tiny “cadet’ kits for beginners. One such kit is the awkwardly-scaled 1/170 Noratlas airlifter. It’s a pretty spartan little kit that’s now 50 […]

Bigger! Longer! … Dassualt’s Delta Nuker!

Heller is the only company that makes a kit of the Mirage IVA supersonic nuclear bomber from the Cold War. While this is an old kit, it’s really quite a good one, and builds up to a sizable model, even in 1/72. Check out France’s “Big Stick” in the Planes section!

The “4” in T.4 Must Be The Part Count!

Here’s an oddball for you! Check out one of my more recent rescues, the old Heller/Humbrol/Bobcat Harrier T.4, my newest Out of Box Review! You don’t see this kit much today, and once you read this, you’ll know why!

OOB Heller Bf-109

You’d think that it would be easy to get a nice kit of a Bf-109, right? It is, but the Heller version is NOT one of them! Read on for an OOB review you aren’t likely to see anywhere else. Bring the pain!

1/72 Lansen is up!

Hey all! Just got the review for the old Heller 1/72 Lansen up. Told you I built weird stuff, didn’t I! Check it out in the Planes section!