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(Preda)King of the Beasts!

Well, I’m back at it. When I see one thing that reminds me of another, I just can’t stop until I’ve tried to make everyone else see it too. This time, I saw the old Transformers G1 Predaking in the Build Fighters Try “Gundam Tryon 3”. It took some re-eingineering, but I was able to […]

Rebaked or Half-Baked? You Decide!

The arrival of a new Gundam series usually heralds the coming of lots of new model kits, and the newest series, Iron Blooded Orphans, has proven no exception that rule. One of the more unconventional Gundams to date, both in terms of colour and gimmicks, is the Gusion Rebake. Check out the 1/144 Gusion Rebake, […]

A Major Award!

Lady Luck can be fickle, but when she’s with you, she’s really with you. As proof, I offer this look at the HG Build Fighters Try Special Set, a prize in the Mid-Year Campaign 2015 from Bandai. There wer only 82 of these prizes available in the entire world, so I consider myself lucky to […]

Look to the Stars, Fly to the Angels

In a world where so many Gundams look the same, the HG Seed Stargazer is truly unique! Check out the my 1/144 HG Stargazer Gundam on the Sci-Fi Page. This kit was finished exactly four years ago today, and it has a very special place on my shelf, and in my heart. Read on to see […]