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Carry On Up The Matsuri!

When it comes to festivals, Japan comes second to none in the variety and number of events. One of the most famous of all is the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri, a multi-day festival with parades, floats, dancing and drumming that takes place in August. If you’re asking what this has to do with a site dedicated […]

Everyday Things in Small Packages

The need for transportation doesn’t wane just because you live in a crowded metropolitan area. Despite the current leftist campaign to demonize the car in favour of public transit and bicycles, for many, a car is still both a nice-to-have AND a need-to-have. The Japanese solved the problem of congested streets and the need for […]

Today is the Honda you worried about yesterday…

In North America, the Honda Civic of the mid-80’s was considered small. However, there were cars a LOT smaller than that, and this proves it! Check out the new Out Of Box review for the Tamiya 1/25 Honda Today. It’s from yesterday, but won’t be built until tomorrow. So it really is today… I think…