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Unit 1, But Still Second Place…

Just because you end up second-best doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your hardest! This philosophy is clearly adhered to by the entire series of Metal Armour Dragonar kits produced by Bandai for said anime in the late ’80s. Even though Dragonar wasn’t able to topple Gundam as THE mech show, it was an entertaining and […]

Bandai’s Forgotten Bird-Man Battler!

When it comes to fairly obscure animes, Metal Armour Dragonar is right up there with the best of them. What started out as an attempt to replace Gundam as the reigning mech anime franchies fell flat on its face. However, it did give us some pretty cool designs, and almost everything had a jet pack! […]

Fly like an eagle, but walk like a Schwalg!

Even though Metal Armour Dragonar is not an anime that most people today know, it was a good show that, back in the later ’80s was intended to be the “next big thing”. To that end, Bandai made all kinds of kits from this show, including some of the “bad guy” mecha from the evil […]