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Cross that Dinky When You Come to It!

If getting there is half the journey, then surely it’s no fun having the trip interrupted by a natural obstacle. For an army on the march, such disruptions can lead not only to lost time, but may ultimately lead to heavy losses or even defeat in a battle. To compensate for such occurrences, specialist bridging […]

Britain’s Pre-War Six Machine!

If you want to sell me a Gundam, give it a beam shield or an over-the-shoulder cannon. If you want to sell me a plane, make it fat, slow and useless. But, if you want to sell me a ground vehicle, give it six wheels. I’m a sucker for six-wheelers. As it turns out, so […]

Dear (Honest) John

The advent of powerful battlefield rocket artillery and the miniaturization of nuclear warheads resulted in the birth of the tactical nuclear missile in the 1950s. Taking artillery to the “nth” power, this class of weapon was quickly and widely fielded by both sides in the Cold War. One of the most famous of these was […]

… And Thank You, for Your Support!

Sometimes, a weapon is so big and cumbersome that just getting it up and into position isn’t enough to make it work. Not everything is just point and shoot, and this applied ever-so-truly to early tactical rocket systems. (What? What did YOU think I was talking about?) A perfect example of this was the US […]

Episode 666 – Destination: Corporal!

This world is full of awesome stuff. Every now and then you encounter something that is so cool that you can’t help but be drawn to it. The problem comes when that “something” is over half a century old, and fairly rare to boot. Thus it is with the Dinky Toys No. 666 Corporal Missile […]

Heavy Haulin’ Dinky Tow Truck!

Breaking down in a car is one thing, but having an armoured vehicle break down in the field is another. To handle this contingency, armies have developed all kids of recovery vehicles through the ages. One of the ones fielded by the British during the Cold War was the Scammell Recovery Tractor. This big, solid […]

One Solid Hauler

The DInky No. 623 Bedford QL is a great and solid replica of the 4WD British army truck of WWII. Check out my review of this neat little piece of history on the Military Dinky Toys page! (A division of the “Cool Stuff” section!)

Pain Train!

The first Military Dinky Toy I have up for your viewing pleasure is the 25-Pounder Field Gun Set! This is a gift set from the late 1950’s that combines three separate Dinky Toys into one 8-wheeled train of death! The 25-Pounder and Morris Quad were a deadly combination, and now you can see how kids […]

Dinkys in the Army!

Okay, before this goes too far south, I’m talking about Military Dinky Toys!  I have set up a new section for my small (but awesome!) collection of military Dinky toys, on the Cool Stuff page. Take a look, as I’ll be updating it with pictures of the models that I have. If you’re a diecast fan, […]