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Ford’s Fox-Stang Misfit

Sometimes, trying new things works out, and you have a hit on your hands. Things like colour TV and the iPod prove this. Sometines, though, it isn’t all roses, and an unusual approach can lead to something that’s very good, but just doesn’t quite grab everyone’s attention. Good examples of this are Beta VCRs, Moon […]

They Built Excitement, Alright!

In the 80’s there weren’t too many cars more exciting than Pontiac’s Trans AM GTA! Monogram gave us this 1/24 representation of Poncho’s monster pony-car for the 80’s. Check it out in the Cars┬ásection, and don’t forget your denim jacket!

Welcome to the Lagoon!

Welcome to the Sprue Lagoon! Click on About to see what you’ve gotten yourself into! Please, browse around and have a look. I’ll be adding new content regularly, so please check back often! Please note that all content on this site is Copyright the Sprue Lagoon, and cannot be used without written consent of myself, […]