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Bachem’s Real-Life Model Rocket

When one thinks of rockets, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a typical space rocket, like a Delta class or even the immortal mega-lifter, the Saturn V. These huge, metal monsters impress with a size and power made all the more impressive with their relative safety and reliability. However, it wasn’t always […]

From Hay Wagon to SAM Launcher – Just add Natter!

If the whole concept of a semi-expendable wooden (or even cardboard, as was proposed!) Vertical Take-Off rocket interceptor doesn’t sound wacky enough, imagine trying to launch it! When the Luftwaffe high command decided to back he Bachem Ba-349 Natter point defence interceptor, they realized it would only be useful if it could be moved around. […]

Pint-sized Manned Missile

The need to defend against the hordes of Allied bombers late in WWII forced the German high command, and the air ministry (RLM) in particular to adopt some rather, shall we say “unconventional” approaches. Just when you thought that swept wing jets and rocket planes were a leap forward, the Bachem company proposed the Ba-349 […]