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A “Sleeves-less” Dovenwolf – ZZ for the fun of it!

Good things come to those who wait. It’s true, espeically so for Gundam kits. We’ve been waiting for overy 25 years for a nice 1/144 Dovenwolf kit, and now Bandai has delivered with the HGUC Dovenwolf (Unicorn Ver.). However, I didn’t want a Sleeves version, I wanted a ZZ version, and like a petulant 2-year […]

Dressed in Dra-G

Here’s one for you; a digitally cammoed heavy-weapon version of the Dra-C from Gundam 0083! Just having a one-armed suit with no legs wasn’t enough! Check out the Dra-G (Dra-C Cannon) in the Sci-Fi section of Model Kits.