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A “Norm” Not as Many Know…

Whereas the denizens of the bar Cheers would gleefully exclaim “Norm!” whenever he entered the establishment, there is another Norm that is far lesser known. This is the Kawanishi E15K1 Siun, (also spelled Shiun, depending who you ask) a floatplane reconnaissance aircraft that was designed to set new standards for speed in the class. Sadly, […]

Situation Norm, all Farproed Up!

Yes, that also spells SNAFU! In a way, that’s a bit what this ancient Farpro Japan boxing of the equally ancient Aoshima E15K1 Shiun (Norm) recon float plane looks like! If you want to see how they did things back in the day, the Farpro 1/72 Kawanishi Shiun will certainly make you glad they don’t […]