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Frog Prince from Kenosha

We all know that the 1970’s were a weird time for the auto industry. Choking emissions standards and big bumpers were the main design points of the day, and style and performance suffered accordingly. However, AMC could be counted on to take things that wee bit further and came up with some of the oddest […]

Loser Cruiser Soundoff!

Help me decide!!┬áSometimes, you CAN have too much of a good thing! In my case, it’s too much of a loser car thing, but that’s all good! I have a large stash of cars to chose from for my next build, and I am hoping to have it done for a model show early next […]

Fishbowl Resurrected!

So, it has happened. Those below are wearing their parkas and I’m holding the Round 2 repop of the classic 1978 Pacer X kit! What’s this styrene representation of one of the 70’s most awkward cars like? Well, bust out your leisure suit and let’s find out! Check it out on the Out of Box […]