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A Somewhat Spiffier Bunny

Trying to make something exciting out of the everyday can be difficult. Let’s face it, plain white bread is okay, but it’s not the kind of thing you really pine for on a daily basis. That same kind of responsible utility typified cars of the Automotive Dark Ages, driven partly by the rise of the […]

Slot Mags and Shotguns. Pick Up Your Toys!

All good things must come to and end, and so it was with the once-illustrious “Chevy Nova” nameplate. Bowing out in 1979, the final Nova was a de-tuned, lacklustre ghost of it’s former self. Now, MPC had always had a way to taking outdated models and making them into something fresh and new, or at […]

Now you “sea” me…

Had to get this new What-If out there before the end of the year! Consider my EP-6D Seamaster (ELINT-Type)  a Boxing Day present… maybe one fuelled by too much egg nog?