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Chevette Update 4: Rollin’!

You know a car kit is coming together well when you get the engine in and the wheels on! The Chevette is making good progress now. It’s funny just how well the engine fits into the chassis; the transmission really seems to join up to the drive shaft and everything seems to be pretty well […]

Chevette Update 2: It’s what’s inside that counts!

Despite the rush of the fast-approaching holiday season, the Chevette build continues apace! Right now, the body is drying, and that’s still about a week away from being sandable, I think. It still smells like Future, regardless. In the mean time, though, I’ve been busy working on what’s inside the Chevette, and I’ve gotten the […]

Scoots ahoy!

Well, a couple of people have asked for it, so, ahead of original schedule, here it is: the Suzuki Gemma 50 that came with the Skyline 2000RS. Take a peek and try and convince yourself you don’t want one. I dare you.